Jan 24, 2024

SLI Award for Project to Create an Educational Model for the Indigenous Amahuaca People in Peru

Pilar Valenzuela

The Sylff Association secretariat is pleased to announce another recipient of a Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI) award.

Pilar Valenzuela (University of Oregon, 1995–96) is drawing on her extensive experience with and knowledge of the cultures of indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon to spearhead an effort to create an educational model for the Amahuaca people. Her SLI project will seek to prepare the indigenous community to interact with wider society while protecting their unique heritage.

Valenzuela was a Sylff fellow at the University of Oregon, from where she obtained her PhD in linguistics. She currently holds the position of a full professor in the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Chapman University in California.

Amahuaca participants learning the alphabet.

Congratulations to Pilar Valenzuela on winning the award. Fellows who are interested in implementing a social engagement project of their own should check the SLI page for eligibility requirements and application details. We look forward to receiving many more innovative ideas for positive social change.