Apr 13, 2010

“Reconsidering Our Values” – Deusto Sylff Fellows Successfully Organize an International Forum

The Tokyo Foundation would like to congratulate DUSKE, the Sylff Fellows Association of the University of Deusto, together with ALUS, the Association of Leipzig University Sylff Fellows, on their successful organization of the International Forum on “Local Initiatives to the Global Financial Crisis,” held on February 24-26, 2010, in Bilbao, Spain. The forum was funded by the Tokyo Foundation under the Sylff Leadership Initiatives program. The forum was a timely and enlightening endeavor amid today’s unstable world where the social values and systems of the past decades are revisited. In the three-day forum, professionals from diverse backgrounds came to participate and exchange their views on various aspects of the causes and impacts of the global financial crisis, local responses to it, as well as the transformation of social value after the crisis. Among them were economists, sociologists, NGO leaders, human rights activists, philosophers, lawyers and historians.

We, at the Tokyo Foundation, are very proud that Sylff fellows not only from the University of Deusto and the University of Leipzig, but also from Serbia and Hungary, added their invaluable perspectives to the forum through their presentations. Please take a look at the following blog for more information about this thought-provoking forum.

The main organizers now share their reflctions on the forum in the article, "You Change the Tribe and the Tribe Changes You".