Mar 14, 2011

In the Wake of the Earthquake and Tsunami

We have received many emails from our friends and colleagues at institutions around the world offering condolences in the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on Friday.

We are very grateful for the warm messages of sympathy and support. Although the heaviest damage has been in northern Japan, we in Tokyo have also been affected. Train and subway networks have been disrupted, a rolling blackout is being implemented in the greater Tokyo area, and there are areas within commuting distance of the city that are without running water.

Although transport and other infrastructure limitations have forced us to cancel a number of events over this week and next, the situation in Tokyo is very orderly, and our operations are continuing as usual.

Japan is now in grief; it may take years or even decades until the most seriously affected areas fully recover, but the nation is united in spirit and poised to overcome this unprecedented disaster. We at the Tokyo Foundation will be actively involved in offering relief and assisting with the recovery as part of our efforts to create a better society.

We hope to continue working with all of our overseas partners in the months and years ahead.

Hideki Kato
President, Tokyo Foundation