Mar 26, 2013

New “Voices” Booklet Now Online and In Print

Recent articles uploaded on the Sylff website over the past year have been compiled into the January 2013 edition of “Voices from the Sylff Community.” The 12 articles in the booklet are a sampling of the many “voices” in the extensive Sylff community, encompassing 69 universities in 44 countries around the world. One feature of the 2013 edition is a section containing six articles by participants of the Michinoku Winds Orchestra project to bring hope and courage to student musicians in areas devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami. The booklet also contains summaries of reports submitted by 13 Sylff Research Abroad (SRA) award recipients during fiscal 2011. In addition to the print edition, the booklet can also be downloaded as a PDF file here.

We Want to Hear Your “Voice”
We are always eager to receive YOUR contributions to the site. Reports of your academic or social action achievements should be submitted to the Tokyo Foundation at leadership[a] (replace [a] with @).

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Voices from the Sylff Community
January 2013

Japanese Language Education at Chinese Universities Yusuke Tanaka
Why Regulate Hedge Funds? Comments on the Brazilian Experience Keiti da Rocha Gomes
Nuclear Environmental Justice in Arizona and Beyond (2) Linda Richards and
Perry H. Charley
Japan’s Lay Judges and Implications for Democratic Governance Bryan M. Thompson
Valentine’s Day and the Environment: A “Love Affair with Nature” Dimithri Devinda Jayagoda
Uniting Tohoku with the World: The Sylff Chamber Ensemble and the “Power of Music” Tokyo Foundation
Music and Hope for Tohoku: My Week with the Michinoku Wind Orchestra Simon Hutchinson
Sylff Winds Workshops and Concerts: An Exemplary Collaboration between Cultures Carl-Emmanuel Fisbach
A “Re-oxygenating” Experience Dylan Corlay
Music as an Essential Part of People’s Lives David Christopher Panzl
A Real Conversation through Music Marie Collemare
Summaries of SRA Reports Melvin Barrole, Ieva Beitika,
Otgontuya Dorjkhuu,
Jian He, Maciej Hulicki,
Hendra Kaprisma,
Mania Karolina, Arpita Mitra,
Samuel Nowak, Srdjan Pirivatrić,
Mattias Borg Rasmussen,
Luís Silveira, Lilian Yap