Dec 21, 2011

Flood Relief Initiatives by the Thai Sylff Community

Floods in Thailand affected over 12.8 million people in 2011, and the World Bank estimates that damages would reach 1,440 billion baht ($45 billion).

We at the Tokyo Foundation extend our deepest condolence to the victims of the disaster and their families. Although restoration efforts are making progress, a full recovery is still far off.

At the time of the national crisis, Chiang Mai University’s Sylff fellows and steering committee members launched a donation project to support the reconstruction drive. The following is a message from Dr. Sidthinat Prabudhanitisarn, chair of the university’s Sylff steering committee and dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

We hope that you will generously support this initiative by the Sylff community in Thailand.

Message from Dean Sidthinat Prabudhanitisarn