Sep 5, 2008

The Tokyo Foundation Has Opened the Sylff Official Website

The Tokyo Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of this special website for a global network of scholarship activities over 68 institutions in 44 countries. This website is designed to promote activities of the SYLFF Program and the more than 10,000 SYLFF fellows who have the potentials of becoming our future global leaders. As you can see from the institutional profiles on the website, fellows are students or graduates of acclaimed institutions of higher learning located all over the world. The site is richly infused with articles by these fellows and institutional administrators with global viewpoints, which are periodically updated.

Additionally, many of the fellows are involved in social actions for their respective communities around the globe. You can learn about those activities through their photos, reports, and downloadable research papers.

Accumulated SYLFF information such as past forum reports, fellow musicians’ performance reports, and fellows’ speeches are also organized in an orderly and easy-to-read fashion.