Altantamir Khurelbaatar

National Academy of Governance

Fellowship received in 2021
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Univeristy of Humanities-Arts in Linguistics in Graduate school ,National Univesrity of Mongolia- School of Foreign Language and Culture, MARS-V- volunteer member
Current affiliation: Founder of DREAM DOOR LLC 

I have a very positive attitude in life, socially active by nature, and curious beyond normal state. I am lover of smiling and reading interesting books ; writing some topics on social issues. If I had to describe myself to a stranger using three adjectives, I would use the terms dedicated, hardworking and maybe a little stubborn. I am interested in Education sector. If you do research on Education, please contat me :)

To contact this fellow, email the Sylff Association at sylff[a] (replace [a] with @).