Buuveidulam Altansukh

National Academy of Governance

Received Sylff fellowship in 2022
Academic supervisor: Narantulga Baatarjav
Current affiliation: National Academy of Governance

Academic Achievements, Social Engagement Initiatives
I am a researcher specializing in environmental and public health in Mongolia. Serving as a study coordinator and organizer, I have played a pivotal role in projects such as assessing COVID-19 adaptation, indoor air quality, and combating urban air pollution. Notably, I've authored and co-authored publications covering diverse topics, including environmental health surveillance, prevention of iodine deficiency, and the impact of air pollution on health. With extensive experience and numerous contributions, I continues to make significant strides in advancing public health awareness and research in Mongolia.

I am a dedicated Research Scientist affiliated with the National Center for Public Health, Ministry of Health, Mongolia. Since joining in July 2018, has been at the forefront of public health initiatives, specialising in environmental and occupational health research.

I have taken on multifaceted responsibilities, including developing and disseminating impactful informational, educational, and communication materials. These materials focus on raising awareness about the adverse effects of environmental risk factors on the population, contributing significantly to health promotion initiatives.

A notable aspect of my work is the design and implementation of comprehensive training programs and materials for local public health officers and staff. The emphasis on environmental and occupational health training reflects a commitment to enhancing the skills and knowledge of public health professionals for the greater well-being of the community.

Since April, I have been serving as a Fundraising Officer at the Mongolian Women's Fund, dedicated to expanding outreach and support to a wide audience. 


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