Ganbadrakh Tsend-Ayush*

National Academy of Governance


Recevied Sylff fellowship in 2012.
FR:National University of Public Service Budapest, Hungary (Hungary)

Academic supervisor: Prof.,Dr. Peter Ruzsonyi /PhD/, Head of the Department of Corrections, Faculty of Law Enforcement, National University of Public Service /Hungary/

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Publications (Articles): The impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Prison Institutions,   HADMERNOK (Military Engineering Journal), XI. Évfolyam 1. szám – 2017. Március, ISSN1788-1919
Law Enforcement reform in Mongolia, National Security Review Journal (NEMZETBIZTONSÁGI SZEMLE) Special Issue / 2017. HU ISSN 2064-3756
Conferences: MILITARY SCIENCE & THE 21ST CENTURY CONFERENCE, February 22,2018, National University of Public Service, Presentation: Ganbadrakh TSEND-AYUSH:  The Impact of non-governmental organizations on the operation of the penal institutions: a case study of the Hungarian prisons
THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE REINTEGRATIONAL WORK IN PRISONS, May 15, 2018, National University of Public Service, Presentation:  Reintegration of Offenders in Mongolia

Current affiliation: Prison Ministry Mongolia-volunteer
ORCID ID: 0000-0001-6182-4984 /

Ganbadrakh Tsend-Ayush is a doctoral student of Military Sciences at the National University of Public Service (Hungary). He received his B.S from Institute of Economic and Social Sciences (Mongolia) and his M.D. from National Academy of Governance before eventually becoming doctoral student in 2015 with support of Tempus Foundation (Hungary). After his career as a education program coordinator-researcher at the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences,  Tsend-Ayush worked in Korea Metals Ltd., and  returned to Mongolia, where he accepted a tenure position at Tost Urguu Ltd., as a company’s office assistant. Tsend-Ayush is a regular contributor to various academic journals as Military Engineering (Hungary) and National Security Review Journal (Hungary). During his early tenure at the Institute of Economic and Social Sciences, Tsend-Ayush participated in various charity activities of Prison Fellowship Mongolia and conducted the project in the Mongolian Prison, in which he and his colleagues supported the establishment of Training Center and provision of educational programs. He currently resides in Budapest and actively supports the activities of Prison Ministry Mongolia. He can be contacted at ganbadrakht54(at) gmail (dot) com.

The focuse of my Sylff Research Abroad award was to analyse specific characteristics of California correctional facilities. I spent significant time at the University of California, San Diego to collect data related with history and development of prisons in the state of California and involvement of private and civil sector in the operation of prison establishments. In addition to it, I had the opportunity to meet with professionals of the field to get more in-depth practical understanding of the state of prisons in California. I took interviews from a lawyer of the California Innocent Project and a warden of the only state correctional facility in San Diego.


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