Gautam Anand*

University of Oregon


Received Sylff fellowship at Oregon State University in 2019.
FR: Oregon State University
TO: Center for Helath Policy, Asian Development Research Institute (India)

Current affiliation: PhD Candidate, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University
Academic supervisor: Dr. Alison Johnston
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
PhD Candidate in Public Policy, Oregon State University (2017 - till now), Master in Public Administration, University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA (2015-2017), MA in Development Studies, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (2008-2010), ADB-JSP Fellow, East West Center, Honolulu, USA (2015-2017)

Brief summary of support program activities:
Gautam's dissertation research focuses on determinants of and access to maternal and child health services in rural areas of the state of Bihar, India. He is specifically looking at the role of Community Health Workers (CHWs) like ASHAs in improving uptake of health services. With SRA support, he will be conducting in-depth interviews with CHWs and local health officials in Bihar, India.

Twitter: @Anand_Gautam

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