Giulia Anselmo

Institute of Political Education “Pedro Arrupe“


Fellowship received in 2021
Academic supervisor: Daniela Ciaffi
Current affiliation: Researcher, PhD student

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
Involvement of the research area in questioning the theme of the commons. Workshops with children aged 10-12 to rethink the neighborhood from their voices. Understanding through workshops with the inhabitants of the neighborhood on the use of urban art to rethink the redevelopment of spaces.

Bio: After graduating in Law at the University L.U.M.S.A of Palermo, she lived for about two years in London to attend a Master of Science in Art, Law and Business at Christie's. Back in Palermo, she wanted to explore the connections between public art and citizen participation. She became local coordinator of the YOLK Association, developing activities dedicated in particular to minors living in contexts of educational poverty with a proposal of artistic programs and workshops. She is a doctoral student in Mediterranean Studies, where she is investigating the phenomenon of urban creativity as a cultural human right and as a tool for social regeneration in the metropolis of the Mediterranean.

Thanks to the Sylff program, Giulia has been able get to the heart of the study of the Sperone suburban district, located in Palermo (Sicily) with particular reference to the study of its common goods starting from the participatory element of sharing issues of urgency through urban art, a phenomenon observed in the field by looking at its genesis and its exponential development in recent times.

To contact this fellow, email the Sylff Association at sylff[a] (replace [a] with @).