Lajiadou Fnu*

Columbia University


Fellowship Received: 2020, 2021
Current Affiliation: University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Academic Supervisor: Dr. Carolyn J. Benson

I received my Ph.D. from Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Columbia University in May 2022. My major was in International and Comparative Education, and I have passed comprehensive exam in Sociology. Since completing my dissertation, I am serving as a lecturer at University of Massachusetts Amherst for the 2022-2023 academic year. My doctoral dissertation draws attention to the significance of multicultural and multilingual ‘diversity’ education and its presumed role in ensuring cultural and social inclusion of Tibetan students in study programs and equity in educational and occupational attainment in China.

As a single-name person of Tibetan ethnicity, I am often asked about my identity and the origins of my name, and I believe this gives me profound insight into the lives of ethnolinguistic minorities and Indigenous people and their experiences with dominant education and social systems. For future research topics or projects, I will continue to focus my research on the social, cultural, and political dimensions of diversity and inclusion in state education, and the global and transnational dimensions of inequality in educational and occupational opportunities of racial and ethnic minority groups. The significance of my research program goes beyond academia, with practical implications on how to address the group-based language rights of minoritized students in education and the integrity of their cultural identity while guaranteeing their educational attainment.

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