Uguumur Oyungerel

National Academy of Governance

Received Sylff fellowship in 2018.
Academic supervisor: Amartuvshin Munkhbaatar, Ph.D.
Current affiliation: Currently, I am focusing on my Masters research about the digital transformation of public service.

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives:
I got the highest GPA (3.75/4.00) among Sylff fellows at National Academy of Governance, Mongolia.
Along with the peers, we recently handed gifts to the patients of Children Tuberculosis Department at National Center for Communicable Diseases.

I am studying at National Academy of Governance by Masters of Public Management and I am strongly interested in the public sector, especially public services. I work at Digital Transformation Division, XacBank, one of the biggest banks in Mongolia. My research focus is e-governance and digitalization of public services. In the digital era, more and more services are becoming digital and customer oriented these days. However, there are few researches on its implementations and customer experience so far. Therefore, I am aiming to determine the current outcome and develop a proposal on improving the issue for better.

LinkedIn: Uguumur Oyungerel

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