Jun 26, 2014

The Politics of Political Science

Paula, center, with the Tokyo Foundation program officers

Paulo, center, with the Tokyo Foundation program officers

Paulo Ravecca, who received a Sylff fellowship while at York University and was awarded a Sylff Research Abroad grant in 2011, visited the Tokyo Foundation on May 27, 2014. Ravecca was invited to Japan by the Embassy of Ecuador to work on a book with another scholar.

Ravecca is currently enrolled in a PhD program at York University and is writing his dissertation on the “politics of political science” in Chile and Uruguay. It focuses on the trajectory of political science as a discipline in the two countries, with references to Argentina and Brazil as well. Ravecca shows that the changes in political science in these Latin American countries are a product of power relations at different levels.

Ravecca’s analysis is expected to shed new light on the world of political science. We at the Tokyo Foundation wish him all the best with his dissertation.