Dec 17, 2008

Final Call for the SYLFF Network Program (SNP) Application

As notified to all SYLFF colleagues early this year, the Tokyo Foundation has been restructuring the overall framework of the SYLFF follow-up programs.

The SYLFF Network Program (SNP), financially supporting local associations established by SYLFF fellows, will be discontinued at the end of the foundation’s fiscal 2008, i.e., March 31, 2009. A new platform will then be launched to support selected projects or specific activities proposed by groups of SYLFF fellows, including local associations, rather than provide funds simply for the basic operations of the associations.

If groups of SYLFF fellows or local associations are currently considering applying for awards under the SNP (US$1,000 for the 1st year, up to $2,000 for the 2nd year, up to $3,000 for the 3rd year, and minimum maintenance award up to $500 for the subsequent years), please submit application documents by January 31, 2009 to the Tokyo Foundation, so that Scholarship Division will be able to review them and remit the fund by March 31, 2009. Application documents are downloadable below. Please note that late applications will not be accepted for any reasons.

SNP Guidelines (MS Word)

SNP Proposal Form (MS Word)

SNP application for the minimum maintenance award (MS Word)

Meanwhile, even after the SNP is terminated, the Tokyo Foundation is willing to continue its support to local associations’ activities in various ways such as, other than funding excellent projects as mentioned above, introducing their activities on the SYLFF website, connecting associations to other SYLFF fellows and organizations, and so on. Please keep us updated on your associations’ activities.

We will continue to encourage and welcome initiatives and collaborations by SYLFF fellows around the world!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.