Jul 29, 2016

Fifth Voices Booklet Now Online and in Print

Voices 2016

Voices 2016

The Tokyo Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2016 edition of Voices from the Community is now available as a PDF file and in print format. Featuring a new cover design, the booklet contains 20 articles uploaded on the Sylff website over the past 18 months.

Voices 2016 contains a section of articles related to SLI and SRA. More than three years has passed since the Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI) program was relaunched in 2013 to support fellows’ social engagement activities. Two articles in this section were written by fellows directly involved in the SLI projects, and three more are reports by program officers. Issues covered range from the refugee crisis in Europe and school bullying to opportunity gaps in education. The articles in the SRA section showcase the diversity of research undertaken abroad, including environmental policy, history, and economic development.

Other articles from across the Sylff community include one on climate changes in India written by a Sylff steering committee member and another on youth leadership in Thailand. The Tokyo Foundation is delighted to have received many contributions from around the world, and we look forward to receiving many more submissions. There are also two pages of photos featuring the many outstanding fellows whom members of the Tokyo Foundation had the pleasure of meeting in 2015.

The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF file here.

We Want to Hear Your “Voice”

We are always eager to receive your contributions to the Sylff site. Reports of your academic or social action achievements should be submitted to the Tokyo Foundation at leadership [a] (replace [a] with @).

Guidelines for writing a Voices article can be downloaded from here.

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Voices from the Sylff Community
July 2016


The Refugee Crisis on the Borders of Europe and the Role of the Czech Republic Věra Honusková and Martin Faix
[Report] The Refugee Crisis in Europe and the Role of the Czech Republic Keita Sugai, program officer
[Report] An Initiative to Nurture Young Musicians in Lithuania The Tokyo Foundation
Using Traditional Patriarchal Institutions to Address Women’s Problems Romina Istratii
[Report] Identifying Effective Prevention and Intervention Strategies for School Bullying in New Zealand The Tokyo Foundation
List of SLI Awardees and Projects in 2015
Toward an Understanding of the Medieval Mediterranean World Gregory Williams
Theories of Modernism in Cinema Miłosz Stelmach
Anti-Immigrant Policies in Arizona and Their Impact on Mexican Families Eduardo Torre-Cantalapiedra
Internet Policymaking and the Case of Brazil’s Marco Civil Guy Hoskins
The Sociolinguistics of Greek Teenage Language Practices on Facebook Christopher Lees
The Socioeconomic Dimension of Irrawaddy Dolphin Conservation Sierra Deutsch
Oil and the City: Hope, Expectation, and Development in Ghana ThienVinh Nguyen
A Remembrance of Books Lost: Bengali Chapbooks at the British Library Aritra Chakraborti
List of SRA Awardees and Research Topics in 2015
Deliberative Polling® as a Means of Improving Public Knowledge Otgontuya Dorjkhuu
Helping to Develop Young Leaders in Community Resource Management Pradhana Chantaruphan, Olarn Ongla, Saiwimon Worapan, and Alongkorn Jitnuku
Chinese Investment in Central and Eastern Europe Ágnes Szunomár
How Can Mathematics Help Us to Understand Complex Systems? László Csató
[Report] Sylff Chamber Music Seminar at the Julliard School (January 4–13, 2015) Tomoko Yamada, program officer
Rising India: When and How? Joyashree Roy
The Urban Art of Hip Hop among Young Immigrants in Palermo, Italy Martina Riina
2015 in PICTURES 
Leadership in Action: Meetings with Sylff Fellows 2015