Mar 12, 2018

Colmex: Supporting Earthquake Victims with Help from the “Sylff Disaster Relief Fund”

Efforts by Colmex (El Colegio de México) Sylff fellows to help the victims of the September 2017 Mexico earthquake were supported by donations from the Tokyo Foundation, Marina Stetic of Belgrade University, and the Jadavpur University Sylff Association. Working to maximize the value of the donations were members of the 19S Committee—the team at Colmex working on earthquake relief, including Sylff fellows Fernanda Herrera and Erick Serna. After much research and discussion, Colmex decided to focus its relief activities on three rural, poor areas whose needs were not adequately addressed by the national or local government. Please read the report by the Colmex team.
Colmex Report
What is the Sylff Disaster Relief Fund?