Jul 21, 2020

Fundraising Launched to Enable Sylff Fellows to Continue Their Studies

The Sylff Association secretariat has launched a fundraising campaign-How to Give- to help finance COVID-19 Relief for Sylff Fellows. As already announced, this relief is intended to enable currently enrolled Sylff fellows to continue their studies and research toward their degrees without worrying about their finances due to COVID-19. For details, please refer to the relief initiative page.

We are seeking donations to help defray Sylff fellows’ living expenses and encourage them to continue their studies and research at their home Sylff institutions despite the current difficulties.

Donations may be made via bank transfers or through an online system using credit cards. Bank transfers can be made as of today. The online system will be launched and announced shortly. For details, please visit How to Give.

The secretariat hopes that members of the Sylff community, not only Sylff fellowship recipients but also others affiliated with Sylff institutions, will take this opportunity to show their support for current fellows and increase their engagement with our community.

Fellows eligible to receive support have been identified in collaboration with the Sylff steering committees of all 69 Sylff institutions.

(Campaign closed on November 13, 2020.)