Jul 22, 2020

Support Programs and COVID-19 (Updated July 22, 2020)

The Sylff Association secretariat regrets to inform you that no new applications for support programs (including Sylff Research Abroad, Sylff Leadership Initiatives, Sylff Project Grant, and Local Association Networking Support) has been accepted since July 22, 2020. This is in light of the difficulty of conducting activities entailing long-distance and overseas travel as well as convening gatherings of large groups of people under the current COVID-19 situation. We will continue to monitor the situation with the COVID-19 outbreak, and update you if there are any changes in support programs.

For current support program participants, there is no change in the operation as announced on April 6, 2020. If the current situation prevents you from completing your activities as proposed, either partially or entirely, please contact sylff[at] (replace [at] with @) to share details and discuss ways to deal with the situation.

During this period, the secretariat will reshape the support programs in such ways as to promote fellow’s academic advancement and leadership development so they may better fulfill Sylff’s mission in spite of changing social conditions.

The secretariat also welcomes new ideas on programs from Sylff Association members that may be implemented not just during a pandemic but also as we return to a reality that is likely to have been vastly transformed by the events of this year. Please share them with the secretariat by the end of September 2020 so we can take them into account during our review.

We continue to be committed to supporting Sylff fellows. We regret having to suspend and reshape the support programs but hope to come up with innovative ways to move forward in the face of these unprecedented challenges.