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Message regarding COVID-19 for Support Program Participants and Potential Applicants

The Sylff Association was launched in April 2017 to commemorate Sylff’s 30th anniversary and to pool the wisdom accumulated over the past three decades in the Sylff community. It seeks to facilitate positive change in society by bringing closer together all Sylff stakeholders: fellows, the steering committee members of 69 Sylff institutions, and the staff of the Nippon Foundation and Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research .
Creating a strong, effective network at the global level, though, requires vigorous local bases. Local Association Networking Support (LANS) was thus created as a new support program to promote networking at the local level.
Activities undertaken by local Sylff associations can nurture the leadership qualities needed to achieve common goals for the betterment of society and stimulate new ideas. Consider making use of the new support program to broaden perspectives by connecting with even distant Sylff fellows.

  • The Call for Applications (September 2017) is available in PDF file and text versions (below). Please note that the application form and related documents are available in the text version only. Download these documents from the links in section 4 (Application and Selection) on this page.

Call for Applications

1. About LANS

LANS is a new program intended to facilitate the organization of gatherings and other activities by groups of Sylff alumni, including local Sylff associations. Groups of five or more fellows/alumni from the same institution can apply to the Sylff Association for a maximum of US$5,000 per gathering to cover the long-distance transportation costs of participating fellows.


2. Eligibility

(1) Applications must be submitted by a local alumni association or a group of at least five current or graduated fellows from the same Sylff institution.
(2) LANS grants will be provided for activities attended by 10 or more Sylff fellows. They are intended to cover long-distance travel costs and cannot be used to pay for local transportation (refer to 3-(2)).
(3) Gatherings may be academic meetings, presentations of research or civic achievements, forums for the exchange of opinion, or social events.
(4) Applicants should be committed to engaging with the local Sylff community on a continuing basis.
— Institutions that are part of a consortium sharing a Sylff endowment are considered to be a “single” Sylff institution.
— If not all five applying fellows are from the same Sylff institution, please consult with the Sylff Association secretariat. Exceptions may be granted if the application is in line with the aims of the support program.


3. Awards

(1) An award of up to US$5,000 is provided per gathering.
(2) The award can only be used to cover the long-distance transportation costs for fellows living in a non-commutable area from a proposed gathering site. It cannot be used to cover the transportation costs of non-fellows, Sylff steering committee (SSC) members, or Sylff fellows living within commuting distance of the site or to pay for meeting rooms, refreshments, etc.
(3) In some cases, it may also be used for fellows from other Sylff institutions, but please first consult with the secretariat.
(4) The same group may apply more than once to enable it to organize gatherings on a continuing basis.
— Supplementary funding may be provided to meet requests from the Sylff Association secretariat for additional activities and participants, etc.
— The secretariat reserves the right to determine whose transportation costs will be covered by the award, based on the information provided in the application.


4. Application and Selection

(1) Applications will be accepted throughout the year. Applicants must submit following forms at least three months prior to the date of the gathering:
— Application form (downloadable as Word file)
— List of participants (downloadable as Excel file)
— Confirmation Form (signature of SSC member required, downloadable as Word file)
(2) After reviewing the application, the secretariat may contact the applicants by email or phone, in person, or through other formats. The secretariat will thereupon make a final decision on the award.


5. After Selection

(1) Award Disbursement
Awards will be disbursed to successful applicants in accordance with the following procedures:

  1. The Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research (secretariat) approves the amount of the award.
  2. The representative applicant concludes an agreement with the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research .
  3. The full amount of award is transferred to a designated bank account in one installment.
  4. The representative is responsible for reimbursing fellows whose transportation costs have been approved. Fellows receiving payment must provide receipts (without which the Foundation may request a refund.)
  5. A financial report accompanied by receipts is submitted to the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research within one month of the end of the gathering.
  6. If actual expenditures are significantly less than the amount disbursed, the Foundation will request a refund of the unexpended funds.

(2) Requirements at the Gathering

  1. Applicants
    — Applicants are requested to introduce the Sylff mission and support programs to other Sylff fellows. This information will be provided by the secretariat upon request.
    — Program and financial reports must be submitted within one month of the end of the gathering. Prescribed forms will be provided by the secretariat. Applicants may be requested to submit an article about the gathering for the Sylff website.
  2. Participants
    — One participant is requested to submit an article about the gathering for the Sylff website.
  3. All Applicants and Participants
    — All applicants and participants are required to answer a questionnaire prepared by the secretariat.

6. Other Matters

(1) The participation of SSC members is greatly encouraged.
(2) Members of the secretariat may visit the gathering.
(3) The participation of past support program awardees may be recommended by the secretariat, even if they are not one of the participants initially listed.
(4) Local Sylff associations are encouraged to consult with the secretariat when organizing events that do not meet the above requirements. Our aim is to promote networking among Sylff fellows at the local level.


Awardees and Reports

Awardees and Reports

Sylff Association secretariat is pleased to announce the following recipients of LANS awards since fiscal 2017.

University of Nairobi (Kenya, 2019)
Socrates Kraido Majune, Jacinta Mwende Maweu, Stephen Muthusi Katembu, Alexina Nyaboke Marucha, Awuor Ponge

Jadavpur University (India, 2019)
Amrita Mukherjee, Sudeshna Dutta, Sujaan Mukherjee, Sawon Chakraborty, Sreerupa Bhattacharya, Moitrayee Sengupta
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University of Nairobi (Kenya, 2018)
Socrates Kraido Majune, Jacinta Mwende Maweu, Stephen Muthusi Katembu, Alexina Nyaboke Marucha, Awuor Ponge
Related article: “Sylff Fellows as Agents of Change”

El Colegio de México (Mexico, 2018)
Alejandra González, Marcela Mendez Vazquez, Erick Serna Luna, Angelica Maria Ospina Escobar, Saul Espino Armendariz
Related article: “Program Report on the LANS Meeting”

Massey University (New Zealand, 2018)
Meg Stairmand (University of Waikato), Giulia Lowe (University of Auckland),  Amy (Chih-Hsin) Liang (Massey University), 
Tess Bartlett (Victoria University of Wellington), Trisia Farrelly (Massey University)
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Jadavpur University (India, 2018)
Auddy PurbashaSujaan MukherjeeSritama Chatterjee, Bandyopadhyay Ritajyoti, Payoshni Mitra
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