Nov 30, 2021

This Pandemic Too Shall Pass, When It Does We Will Be Stronger

Noloyiso Vondo

Noloyiso Vondo

University of the Western Cape

Fellowahip received: 2021
Academic supervisor: Prof Nancy Stieglar
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: Provincial co-ordinator for National Gender Based violence study
Current affiliation: PhD Candidate

Noloyiso Vondo is a PhD candidate at the University of the Western Cape, with a master’s degree in Population studies and demography.Her research experience includes working as a research assistant at the Division of Postgraduate Studies at the University of the Western Cape and has also as a research intern in Palencia (Spain). An internship experience in Palencia (Spain) at the University of Valladolid (Spain) was in the department of Social Psychology which was in Forestry in Data Science master’s exchange program. Her current research study focuses on determinants of health care service in South Africa using multinomial regression analysis. Her interest includes public health and psychological behaviours of individuals in different societies and socio-economic factors that affect health care systems of developing countries.

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