Dec 23, 2021

COVID Pandemic Not Only Changed My Life, Pandemic Changed the Whole World

Uuriintuya Batjargal

Uuriintuya Batjargal

National Academy of Governance

Fellowship received in 2020
Academic supervisor: Tserenchimed Ogtontogtool
Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: Bachores of Humanities, Master of National acedemy of Governance
Current affiliation: Senior flight attentant, Aero Mongolia Airlines

My name is Uuriintuya Batjargal. I am mother and senior flight attendant at Aero Mongolia LLC. Where I have been working for almost 10 years. A person who truly enjoy reading books, mostly fictional and classical books. And some who`s passion is traveling to diffrent countries and discovering diffrent cultures. Mostly beacuse my job requires traveling a lot. At the same time I`m currently finsihing my masters degree in Public Policy with Sylff foundation scholarship. Which has been a totally new and life changing experience for me. For someone, who had worked in the same sector for almost 10 yesars deciding to make big change didn`t happen overnight. But always hesitant to do something diffrent and then out of nowhere, I got the courage tp pursue me dreams of studying due to Covid.

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