Recent/Past Activities

Many activities proposed by Sylff fellows and supported by the Tokyo Foundation have been held over the past several decades. These activities were oriented toward the Sylff mission of supporting leaders with the passion and ability to serve the common interests of humanity, transcending narrow national, religious, ethnic, and other differences to undertake socially constructive leadership initiatives and act in an inclusive manner, respecting diversity in cultures and values.

Local Associations Activities

Sylff supports the networking activities of Sylff fellows’ local institutional associations, as well as supporting collaborative activities between these associations.

Sylff Chamber Music Seminar

3 Sylff music schools — the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, and The Juilliard School in New York City — have introduced a number of talented musicians to the world. Sylff fellow musicians actively participate in music events including charity performances. The 3 schools also get together every 3 years in the “Sylff Chamber Music Seminar” performance – a collaboration between the 3 schools.

Sylff Prize

The Sylff Prize is awarded once every 3 years to recognize Sylff fellows who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and made significant contributions to their communities and society. In 2010, no Sylff Prize was awarded. All nominees were outstanding and demonstrated a wide range of accomplishments and abilities that deserve recognition, and, in many cases, the selection committee noted that they have high potential in the near future, and would like to see them again as they further develop themselves. Regardless of the result, we shall continue to explore and recognize outstanding individuals in the Sylff community. We dearly ask for and appreciate your support in this endeavor.

Together in Tohoku

The Tokyo Foundation organized a memorable week of workshops and concerts in August 2012 that brought hope and courage to areas devastated by the March 2011 tsunami. Using donated instruments, middle and high school students in the Tohoku district rehearsed and performed alongside musicians from three of the world’s leading music conservatories, who volunteered their time and skills to support Tohoku’s reconstruction through the power of music.

Regional Forum

Regional Forums (RFs) were regional meetings of Sylff Fellows that had been planned and implemented biennially between 2003 and 2007 by the Sylff Fellows Council (SFC), host institutions and the Tokyo Foundation’s Leadership Development to promote networking of Sylff Fellows.

The Sylff Fellows Council (SFC)

(The Sylff Fellows Council (SFC) was terminated in 2009)
SFC is comprised of 9 Sylff fellows who have been elected in the regional forums, collaborates with the Tokyo Foundation’s Leadership Development to develop and improve Sylff-related programs, and build a global network among Sylff fellows and members of institutional steering committees.

Joint Initiative Program (JIP)

The Joint Initiatives Program (JIP) provides awards to teams of individuals comprised of at least two graduated Sylff fellows to confront contemporary issues of social relevance approached from regional or transnational and trans-disciplinary perspectives. It is an opportunity for the Sylff community to collaborate with each other and contribute to society.