Re: Survey on Sylff Support Programs

Dear Sylff fellows,

The Sylff program will mark its 30th anniversary in 2017, a year when the Tokyo Foundation will also be celebrating an anniversary—its 20th. On this occasion, we plan to launch a number of new Sylff support programs to better fulfill fellows’ needs and expectations, especially those of graduated fellows. We hope to enhance the utility of the program for fellows around the world who are emerging as leaders in tackling global and local issues in their respective fields. This is in keeping with Sylff’s original goal of providing continuing, lifelong support for fellows.

We are eager to learn what you think of our ideas about new support initiatives. Would you kindly take a few minutes to fill out a questionnaire survey that will help shape the Sylff support initiatives?

Also, we are now taking steps to radically enhance our research capabilities with the goal of emerging as one of the world’s top public policy think tanks. We hope to address policy issues of our country with an insight into the perspectives of other countries. Such issues include the demographic challenges faced by Japan and many other countries—the aging and dwindling of the population and the attendant increases in social security costs and public debt. We also wish to explore paths to robust, sustainable growth for both mature and emerging economies. We hope to create greater synergies between our leadership development and research activities. Would you please offer any suggestions you may have to promote linkages with the advanced policy research of the Tokyo Foundation?

There are two links below, depending on your status. If you are a past fellowship recipient, please click on the “Survey for graduated fellows” to download the survey as a Word file. If you are currently receiving a fellowship, download the other file named “Survey for current fellows.” Please do not fill out both surveys.

Survey for graduated fellows

Survey for current fellows

Current fellows are asked to provide comments about both currently available support programs (SRA and SLI) and ideas for new ones. Graduated fellows are also asked to provide comments about SLI as well as ideas for new ones. Your responses will help us develop programs that truly reflect your needs. We are eager to enhance the volume and quality of support, and we hope you’ll take a moment to tell us how we can be of more help to you in the future.

By offering needed support today, we also hope that fellows who benefit from these programs will initiate a virtuous cycle and subsequently play an active role in supporting and nurturing junior fellows. Please complete the survey and mail the Word file to leadership[a] no later than January 10, 2017.(replace [a] with @)

Sincerely yours,

Mari Suzuki and Yoko Kaburagi
Directors for Leadership Development
Tokyo Foundation