In July, the Sylff Association secretariat launched the initiative called "COVID-19 Relief for Sylff Fellows" and provided financial support of 3-months living expenses to 328 Sylff fellows from 56 Sylff institutions. The aim of this initiative is to continue their studies and research toward their degrees without worrying about their finances due to COVID-19.

The Sylff Association secretariat is happy to report that over 30 members of the Sylff community donated a total of 1,366,400 yen (approximately US$13,000) to support this initiative. Thank you all for giving so generously. The online fundraising system to accept donations via credit card is now closed.

The donations are being used to help defray fellows’ living expenses and encourage them to continue their studies and research at their home Sylff institutions despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic.

COVID-19 has seriously disrupted the research activities of many Sylff fellows and could affect their chances of emerging as future leaders. The support offered by the Sylff community not only helped finance their studies but, as reported by several fellows, gave them a sense of hope and belonging.

Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made a contribution to COVID-19 Relief for Sylff Fellows.

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