Dec 20, 2021

Implications of COVID-19 to the Academic World

Liven Mutokosi

Liven Mutokosi

University of the Western Cape

Fellowship received in 2021
Academic supervisor: Professor Alfred, G. Nhema
Current affiliation: University of Western Cape

Academic achievements, social engagement initiatives: 
Liven Mutokosi is a holder of BSc Public Administration, MSc Public Administration and currently, pursuing PhD in Public Administration. He is involved in several leadership roles varying from youth leader at church and in the civil society sector. He co-found Africa In Perspective (then Future Africa) in 2013 and theSpace, both youth led organization geared towards policy advocacy. The organizations partnered with a number of international organization such as British Embassy, European Union and the United Nation Development Fund in training youths in different aspects of leadership including Sustainable development Goals training of trainers in 2016, organizing policy dialogues dubbed theSpace economic lecture series and theSpace Annual Exhibition event among others. Currently, Africa In Perspective is thriving beyond the borders and the continent, conversing with different world leaders in different fields ranging from climate change, governance, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Liven Mutokosi is an accomplished multi skilled governance specialist with proven record for developing and implementing policies, processes and systems. Areas of expertise include, public policy, research, advocacy, child rights, child policy and protection. An advocacy champion with vast experience in policy engagements, development, implementation, evaluation and analysis. He was part of a team of 40 experts from SADC region who spearhead the SADC Child Rights Barometer Phase 1, from 2017 -2018, specifically focusing on child rights and policy on child sexual abuse and juvenile justice administration.

Twitter: @limutox; Facebook: Liven Mutokosi; Skype: livenmutokosi; LinkedIn: liven mutokosi

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