Dec 15, 2023

Sylff News 2023: Best Wishes for the Holiday Season from the Sylff Association Secretariat!

From left, Keita Sugai (director), Konatsu Furuya, Maki Shimada, Yumi Arai, Mari Suzuki (executive director), Chie Yamamoto, and Riaki Tanaka.

In 2023, we were pleased to reactivate the Sylff program, as most pandemic-related restrictions were lifted around the world. Sylff Association relaunched the Sylff Leadership Initiatives to help fellows address important social issues. We also ran the Sylff Research Grant for the second time, to support fellows to pursue their research.

 The Association also resumed travel abroad and visited Jadavpur University of India to celebrate its 20th Sylff anniversary in March. We also joined the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Jagiellonian University of Poland in October.

 In the coming year, we hope to further facilitate in-person meetings as well as support more fellows.

Every year, new changes around the world will pose both challenges and opportunities. Sylff Association will seek to respond flexibly to such changes so that we may continue to support Sylff fellows in a timely and appropriate manner.

We wish you all a safe, healthy, and happy New Year.


Here are the Sylff News articles from 2023:

Support Programs

Apr. 7
Applications for SRG and SLI to be Accepted from May 2023

May 15
SRG and SLI 2023: Call for Applications

Oct. 5
SLI Award for Project to Raise Awareness of Mental Health Issues in Mongolia

Dec. 6
SLI Awards for Project to Ensure Democratic Elections in Costa Rica

Highlights from the Sylff Community

Jun. 19
Bulgarian Fellow Receives Commendation from Japan’s Foreign Minister

Oct. 23
Celebrating Sylff’s Twentieth Anniversary at Jadavpur University

Oct. 24
Yohei Sasakawa Conferred Honorary Doctorate by the University of Belgrade

Nov. 27
Jagiellonian University Celebrates Sylff’s 30th Anniversary


Jan. 19
Sylff@Tokyo: Integrating Disaster Management into Tourism Development

Feb. 8
Sylff@Tokyo: Colmex Fellow Analyzing the Zainichi Experience

May 8
Sylff@Tokyo: Athens Fellow Visits the Foundation

Jun. 2
Sylff@Tokyo: Juilliard Fellow’s Community Healing Initiatives

Jun. 9
Sylff@Tokyo: Memorable Office Concert by Juilliard Fellow

Sep. 14
Sylff@Tokyo: Integrating Love of Opera into Research on the Health Effects of Air Pollution

Nov. 10
Sylff@Tokyo: Cultivating a Global Perspective at the University of Texas at Austin

Dec. 11
Sylff@Tokyo: Developing a Network for Medical Humanities

Dec. 13
Sylff@Tokyo: Visit by the Rector of Mongolia’s National Academy of Governance