Dec 18, 2019

Sylff News 2019: Best Wishes for the Holiday Season from the Sylff Association Secretariat!

Sylff Association Chairman Yohei Sasakawa (front row, center) is flanked by Yue Zhang (left) and Aya Oyamada. Second row, from left, are Misa Tanaka, Sanae Oda (executive director), Yoko Kaburagi (director), Mari Suzuki, and Tomoko Yamada. Standing, from left, are Yumi Arai, Keita Sugai (director), and Ikuko Ohkubo.

Since the launch of the Sylff Association, we have been strengthening our continuing support for fellows and encouraging closer interaction among all Association members. These efforts are now bearing fruit, and in 2019, Sylff Leadership Initiatives grants enabled four fellows to channel their expertise and resources into bringing about positive change in society. Twenty fellows were invited to Japan to participate in the concluding spring session of the Sylff Leaders Workshop 2018-19 focusing on the “Future of Food Production in 2030.” The Local Association Networking Support program helped finance a second gathering of fellows at Jadavpur University, India, and the University of Nairobi, Kenya, enabling fellows to connect with those from different years.

We were also pleased to receive visits by many fellows to our office, as detailed in 11 Sylff@Tokyo articles—the highest number to date. We also carried a report on a chance meeting between two fellows from different universities at a third Sylff institution.

Follow the links to the Sylff News articles uploaded in 2019:

News from the Sylff Website

Support Programs

Sylff Leaders Workshop

Final Presentations of all 20 participants at the final session of the Leaders Workshop 2018-19.

(1) Stefan Buchholz, Ayo Chan, Evgeny Kandilarov, and Eleni Konstantinou

(2) Kabira Namit, Anna Plater-Zyberk, Nermeen Varawalla, and Trisia Angela Farrelly

(3) Susan Rachel Banki, Nomingerel Davaadorj, Maria Adelasia Divona, and Jennifer Dysart

(4) Ronya Foy Connor, Rosangela Malachias, Andrew Prosser, and Nuruddeen Mohammed Suleiman

(5) Iker Imanol De Urrutia, Beverley M. Thaver, Dejan Soskic, and Michaela Guldanova


Sylff Research Abroad (SRA)

SRA Awardees for Fiscal 2019, First Round

SRA Awardees for Fiscal 2018, Second Round


Sylff Leadership Initiatives (SLI)

SLI Awards for Projects to Ensure a Democratic Election and Protect Indigenous People’s Rights

Influential Figures Attend University of Jordan Forum to Discuss Violence against Women

SLI Awards for Projects to Empower the Local Community and Facilitate Climate Justice


Local Association Networking Support (LANS)



25th Anniversary of Sylff in China

Sylff’s Silver Jubilee in China (4): Four Universities Celebrate 25th Anniversary in 2019


Sylff Worldwide

News of notable achievements by Sylff fellows around the world.

Dec 18

A Chance Sylff Encounter, Far from Home

Dec 17

Three Bochum Fellows Organize International Conference on Forced Migration

Oct 18

Chika Ezeanya-Esiobu Named among the Most Influential People of African Descent

Jul 29

Fellow’s Book Highlights Plight of “Invisible, Incarcerated” Women Prisoners in India



We welcomed many current and graduated fellows and steering committee members to the Sylff Association secretariat in 2019.

Nov 28

Visit by National Academy of Governance Fellow Nomingerel Davaadorj

Nov 22

A Long-term Engagement with Myanmar’s Land and Natural Resources Issues

Oct 30

Thriving in Utrecht’s International Atmosphere

Oct 30

Latvia Fellow Speaks at Global Security Conference in Nagasaki

Oct 18

The Importance of Promoting Basic Education in Developing Countries

Sep 19

New Zealand Fellow’s Deep Ties to the Sylff Community

July 10

Linking Latin America and Japan through Literature

July 3

Multitalented Erika Mitsui Transitions from Social Science to Music and Now to Medicine

Jun 12

Ruhr-University Bochum Launches “Sylff College”

May 24

Visit by Chile Fellow Paulina Berrios

Feb 6

A Delegation from India Meets with Energy Expert at the Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research